Good Cakes and Bakes Sustainability Statement

At Good Cakes and Bakes we are committed to connecting with and building a stronger community.

Our goal is to remain a productive company by focusing on PEOPLE who drive our innovation and creativity, the PLANET to source “good for the earth” products to create our goods; and we acknowledge that making a PROFIT is necessary to remain viable.

As we move into our eighth year we realize that these are not mere words or loose statements. In order to remain sustainable, in these areas, we use the PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT, drivers to guide us.
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Our Primary Focus

People. Planet. Profit.

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PEOPLE - The core of our business and the reason we bake…

Our pledge to customers is to provide quality, wholesome food in an environment where everyone feels safe and welcomed making customer satisfaction a priority.

• We will always fight for peace, justice and inclusion.
• We will face challenges with love and respect.
• We will provide educational resources that address racial and social justice barriers.
• We will provide business insight to small business entrepreneurs, focusing on women and people of color.
• We will continue to enact hiring practices that offer employment opportunities to re-entering citizens, the LGBTQ+ community and those looking for a safe, inspiring, and thoughtful working environment.

PLANET - where we source our products and how we will control our carbon footprint…

• We are committed to working with companies and people that will educate and help us continue our efforts on reducing waste and conserving energy.
• We are directed to use, whenever possible, locally grown items, to use compostable packing and reducing our use of plastic products (e.g. using “no straw needed” beverage tops).
• We will work with companies that have envisioned, and are committed to achieve similar goals of protecting and healing our environment.
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PROFIT - how we will increase and distribute our revenue…

• We will continue to pay a fair wage to employees and continue to adopt practices that will assist us in increasing wages and offering additional benefits to our staff.
• We will adopt practices to increase profits while honoring humanity.
• We will continue to offer a product that is worth its value.
• We will continue to donate to local charities that are close to our hearts through in-kind and monetary donations.